Stages of Selling Your Company

Selling a company is a long and complex process.  Preparing for, and closing the sale, is a process that can take up to twelve months.


If you think of selling your business as something similar to a very long multi-year enterprise sales cycle, you'll begin to realize that a business sales process is like any other sale process in that it can be broken down into its core component stages and elements.


This information provides an overview of the key stages of an M&A sale process, whether it's for a lower middle market company, a large public company, or anything in between.

Stage 1: Defining Potential Options and Exit Strategies
Stage 2: Determining a Valuation Range For The Company
Stage 3: Pre-Marketing Value Enhancement
Stage 4: Information Gathering, Data Collection, and Presentation
Stage 5: Marketing Materials Preparation
Stage 6: Buyer Research and Buyer Outreach Strategy
Stage 7: Qualification of Potential Buyers
Stage 8: Negotiation Process
Stage 9: Transaction Structure
Stage 10: IOIs, LOIs, and Purchase Agreements and Closing
Stage 11: Post-Closing Issues & Business Transition
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