Typical Deal

Getting Acquainted & Preliminary Analysis
  • You and Capital Markets Group, Inc. {CMG} will have a minimum of three introductory and exploratory meetings to get an overall understanding of your personal and corporate objectives and mutual understanding of each other’s background etc.
  • Each party makes a determination of any on-going interest {either by you or CMG}.
  • If there is a mutual interest in continuing discussions, CMG sends you a Non-Disclosure Agreement {NDA} which binds CMG to complete confidentiality in all previous, as well as future discussions.
  • After receiving the NDA, you send {via email} your company’s financial statements to CMG. We need the past three Years-Ending plus past 12-Months Monthly Income Statements and Balance Sheets.
  • CMG works on a “Financial Analysis & Evaluation” of your company’s financial statements.  The analysis includes: Preliminary Valuation, Key Financial Ratios, Historical Performance, Seasonality, Cyclicality, Preliminary Forecast.
  • CMG presents the results of the above analysis.
  • Based on the above analysis, Capital Markets Group decides whether-or-not to move forward with you.
  • Based on the above analysis and presentation, you decide whether-or-not to move forward with CMG.
  • If either party decides to not move forward, the process terminates and all materials you submitted to CMG are returned to you or destroyed by CMG. You have no financial, or other obligation to CMG and the results of our analysis are yours to keep.
Proposal of Work & Fees
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3


“Everbody talks about what they are going to do. You did it!”


— Alan Jones, President & CEO - York Equipment Corporation

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