Perhaps, right now, you don't want to buy a company or sell your company nor do you need additional capital.


There are times when you simply want to discuss options or would like expert advice on some specific situation.


For example...


  • Detailed financial analysis and specific recommendations for improvements
  • Valuation vs. Market Price
  • Price vs. Terms
  • Reasonable & usual terms vs unreasonable terms
  • Different types of buyers and sellers and why it's importantReview, analysis and recommendations on an unsolicited offer to buy your company
  • How to execute a Generational Transition or Management Buyout of your company
  • What you need to do to now to prepare your company for a future sale
  • How should I structure the ownership of my company in terms of classes of stock
  • How to determine actual equity vs apparent equity
  • Any other situation that you would like to discuss without committing to a long-term agreement


“I find you very refreshing. I like honest people and you are definitely that. Keep up the good work.”


— Dave Meyer, President & Major Shareholder - Amtex, LLC

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