Corporate Finance


Corporate financing covers a wide spectrum of possibilities.


Previously, for privately-held small to mid-size companies, corporate financing consisted of equity contributions from the owners personal net worth, banking lines of credit (against A/R & inventory), personal loans collateralized with the owner's personal net worth & personal guarantee, and senior notes collateralized by the company's hard assets and the owners personal guarantee.


Today, however, the wide spectrum of corporate finance possibilities, that were previously available only to the largest publicly-held corporations, are also available to the small to medium-size privately-held companies.

Some Of The Possibilities

Private Equity

Mezzanine Financing

Cash Flow Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Recapitalization: Conversion to cash of the owner's net worth in the company while the owner continues to retain operating control as well as voting control of the company stock with the owner not having to give either a personal guarantee or lien against the owner's personal assets


Management Buyout with third party financing consisting of one or more financing alternatives.


Financing the orderly transition of company ownership from one generation to the next generation even in those cases where the next generation (due to age, experience or other considerations) is not presently capable of taking on day-to-day operations or financial control.


Preferred Stock (that might carry cumulative dividends as well as conversion rights)


Time-specific and guaranteed internal-rates-of-return (wherein the return remains fixed while the conversion rights increase or decrease depending on the value of the Company at the time of exercise)


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